BGAMUG - the Bowling Green Microcomputer User Group

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This is a placeholder page for now. This really neat Club has disbanded - but it was such a fun group

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The BGAMUG Computer Club Memory Page on Facebook.

Come post there, say hi, and learn more about computers, too.

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BGAMUG was a non-profit Charitable Education Society.

We are glad you are here!

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Hi to everyone!

More about BGAMUG: The BGAMUG Computer Club (our nickname) was formed with a Help Forum, a Club blog, monthly meetings, free workshops and demos/learning sessions, money-saving deals on software, fun Club events, and more. We helped other people get computers at very reasonable prices, too.

The club was based in Bowling Green, KY, and had several different Club meeting places.

Although the BGAMUG Computer Club is no more, we will always remember it fondly.

This Placer Page was made by Betsy's CGC, BG, KY - copyright 2020.

Email her with additions, suggestions, or ideas! :-)